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Smuggle truck objective is to get to the end of the track as fast as you can. You have a starting point and need to get to the end. The story is you are driving a truck with immigrants and you have to cross the boarder with them and keep them safe at the same time.


This game is a fun game to play and is fast and requires concentration when playing. It is similar to the Mario style platform gaming whereby you have to go from A to B. The difference with this game is its trying to achieve this in the fastest time. Movement of your device tablet or phone is required to control the game. There are many obstacles along the way and you can loose passengers very fast.


This was a fun experience I found myself trying to beat my time again and again. This is an addictive game that tests your concentration. In relation to the theme of the game with the message the designers are trying to tell us it does not come across. I know that we can view the obstacles within the game as obstacles facing immigrants on a daily basis but the game attention that’s needed takes away from that. There is very little time to reflect and focus on these issues with this game as the story line is not important for you to play.

Youth Engagement

This would be a game that would be very appealing to young people from 10 years of age to adults. In relation to them wanting social change from this or even educating them on the refugee crisis by playing this I cant see where it can. If this game is being used as a tool it could and a youth worker could speak about it and tell them the story and create an open space for them to ask questions. Overall this is a fun game that young people would enjoy but the learning would need to be facilitated as a follow up session for young people.

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Author: Darren O’Connor