Wonder City is focused on the everyday incidents that occur on a teenage girl’s life. After you name your character, you will follow her to the classroom, a friend’s house, a small talk with several people that might have a small or big impact on the protagonist’s life and most importantly her psychology. Your character will find herself in the sometimes difficult position of deciding how to act, speak or even think and in situations that at first glance might seem to the player completely normal. Are you sure it is as simple as it sounds?




Wonder city is an interactive comic book adventure. The graphics are cartoon or anime like and you will need nothing but a mouse and your critical thinking to play. After you get introduced to the basics of the story, you will start meeting the people that play a role in your character’s life. You will interact with them, meet them and find out what their problems are and how they affect you. It is up to you to decide how you will treat them and in the very end how you will treat yourself.




At first glance, someone might find the game very basic or even boring. We encourage the player to give some time to the evolvement of the storyline. The game does get more interesting the more you play and the more your interactions and relationship become complicated and confusing. The dilemmas that the main character will come across might resonate with your problems in the everyday life.

Depending on your choices, you will eventually lose the capability of using some previously available answers, and that tweak can drive your character’s life in different and even strange directions. It’s basically a simulation of a young girl’s life. It will ask the player to use critical thinking, empathy, courage or, if the player chooses so, anger, hate and shaming of others. The choices are not as obvious as they seem.


Youth Engagement


Wonder City could be very useful for young girls as it functions as a guide to the difficulties and the common dilemmas we everyday find ourselves in but don’t pay close attention to. Those who will give Wonder City a chance will surely find some resemblance to their school, friends or family hardships and will be introduced to ways of thinking and reacting that might haven’t crossed their minds before. We recommend the youth workers to encourage young people to play the game and to support them while they are playing it. It’s very important that the player will spend more than five minutes as this is when the game will start becoming really interesting.

The suggested age group of this game is 12 year old to adults.

Play the game HERE