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The Game 



Frontiers is a 3D-MNORPG which leads its players through dangerous paths, depicting a refugee itinerary all the way from the sub-Sahara region to the borders of Europe with Rotterdam as its final destination.


The game starts simply by placing you in today’s Sub-Sahara Africa, Nigeria in specific. Facing up to for border situations in total throughout the routes and a final haven-like landscaped, it is fully detailed and thus, making a too realistic environment based on meticulous research through interviews and material well-compiled. It lets politics come into play by adding several features for being a FPS game such as the Human Rights Index through which the player may experience the punishing of violation of Human Rights, arresting and bribing which are available options in it.


Players of all different backgrounds are able to experience the different version of a migrant/refugee and his journey all the way from Africa to Europe in a FPS game-based approach which has been developed through an intense discourse with both refugees, NGOs as well as the Beta-players of the game which helped to its refinement in a better depiction of the cruel reality.


African language and experience of the harsh difficulties which an African refugee/migrant may experience in his search for a better future in Europe. Learning about the existence of the ongoing situations in Sub-Sahara region, enhancing the perception and understanding of the migrants’ different situations beyond what we just hear on the news.


Players have to make decisions along the way in order to reach safety. It has been based on the real-life experiences of millions of refugees fleeing war or persecution in a part of the world which we all tend to forget for some reason lately. The events and the story depend on the decisions that the player makes, resulting in a potentially different experience every time that he/she plays.


Sub-Sahara (Africa), First Person Shooter, Role-playing, decision-making


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Author: Iason Tachou