“Digital youth work – a Finnish perspective” is a collection of articles from 32 contributors from the vanguard of digital youth work in the Finnish youth work field. The examples provide insight on both the how and the why of digital youth work by showing glimpses of both the practical activities as well as organisational support and development strategies.

This book is for everyone interested in youth work, and the effects technologisation has on it. While the examples contained within are by no means a comprehensive list of all possible digital youth work activities, they can provide an understanding of the versatility of digital youth work and act as an inspiration when enhancing your own digital approaches in youth work.

The articles:


PART 1: Defining digital youth work`
Emma Kuusi: Defining digital youth work and its importance
Tomi Kiilakoski: The pillars of digital youth work
Suvi Tuominen: Brief history of Finnish digital youth work

PART 2: Media and technology education
Anu Pöyskö: Youth work – a great space for learning about media
Minna Saariketo: Educating (critical) citizens in a digital society
Marcus Lundqvist & Juha Kiviniemi: Digital tinkering and experimentation nooks in youth centres
Johanna Repo: littleBits, a new tool for youth work
Maija Puska: The young writer is alive and well – online

PART 3: Digital youth work in open youth work

Mikko Holm & Kimmo Hölkki: Digital bruises – towards a culture of experimentation
Noora Järvi: Through the digital lens – an evening at Mikkola youth centre
Anniina Korpi: Digital youth work requires cooperation – and a grumpy bear
Tuija Ronkainen: Actiontrack as a part of participatory budget data collection
Niina Soisalo: Investing in competence in Kouvola

PART 4: Digital gaming

Miia Lyyra: Don’t be scared of video games
Maija Pihlaja: Ylivieska Game Days
Pasi Tuominen: Esports in youth work
Anna-Laura Marjeta: Boys’ gaming group
Kimmo Pölkki: Summer G4mes — a camp all about gaming

PART 5Guidance and counselling in online environments

Sami Laaksonen: Appreciation for digital youth work is the starting point of resource allocation
Iida Putkonen & Milla: Working as peer supporters in the Netari online youth centre
Piia Aspegren: Periskooppi chat facilitates discussions on substance abuse prevention at youth centres
Mika Pietilä & Venla Tuohino: Youth Information and Counselling Services in the digital era – 5 things to consider

PART 6: Strategic planning of digital youth work

Mikko Lehtonen: Towards digital Guiding and Scouting
Virpi Sojakka & Peeter Nummi: Social media policy supports realising objectives
Marika Westman: Quantifying digital youth work
Markus Söderlund & Jussi Linkola: cMOOC in supplemental education of digital youth work

Appendix: Guidelines for digital youth work

PDF: Digital youth work – a Finnish perspective
e-reader: epub and Kindle
Editors: Juha Kiviniemi & Suvi Tuominen
Pages: 172
ISBN: 978-951-9245-40-9 (print), 978-951-9245-41-6 (electronic)
Year published: 2017